Choosing a Sink

Choosing the best sink for you needs…

There are many different sizes and styles of sinks so selecting the option that best suits your requirements is essential. To assist in ensuring you make the right choice, we have created the below guide. Note – Always check the size of your cabinet before ordering your bowl to ensure that it will fit correctly.

Single Sink

Conserves space – Having a single bowl kitchen sink is very economical when it comes to space. It allows space for you to incorporate a nice bench top that not only looks attractive but all provides required workspace around the kitchen. This is particularly ideal in smaller kitchens as a double or triple bowl style can become overwhelming and dominate the space.

Cleaning and maintenance – Suffice it to say, a single sink is much easier to clean that a double sink saving you time and cleaning product costs.

Tidy, minimalist look – Their space saving properties allow them to give your kitchen a clean, simple minimalist look that is free of clutter.

Cost effective to install and maintain – Their singularity means that you are only working with a single drain, this makes their maintenance and installation costs much less than a multiple bowl option.

HOT TIP – Consider the size of your cooking trays and utensils, as it is suggested that you select a bowl size that will comfortably accommodate these at clean up time.


Our suggested models:


$448 + GST


$489 + GST


$237 + GST

Double Sink

Allows for multi tasking – The biggest benefit associated with a double bowl sink is that it enables multi-tasking, one bowl can be used for food preparation and clean up, the other for washing and rinsing dishes, or wash dishes on one side, rinse on the other; very useful when there are multiple cooks in the kitchen.

Practicality – A great option for the entertainer as the second bowl can be filled with ice to keep drinks cold and the other available for general washing up.


Our suggested models:


$384+ GST


$699 + GST


$640 + GST

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